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Tools to Create Goals

Goal Planner

As discussed in (extra) Ordinary People Who Had the Courage to Create a Life They Love, taking on a new career and pursuing your dreams is a major life decision. The thought of making that big change can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a plan; create small, doable goals that you can do one at a time. This outline and tip sheet was create to help you.

Financial Planning Tools

Below is a summary of the bonus materials mentioned in A Dozen Ways to a More Financially Stable You! If you were browsing and came upon these great planning tools by chance – that’s great! Below is a brief description of the free downloadable materials. These tools will help you on your path to a healthy, grown-up financial future.

Risk Tolerance

As discussed in Chapter 10 – Learn It! A Penny Saved Is…What?! investing is the best way to grow your wealth. However, there are many ways to do it and you have to figure out your comfort level with financial risk.

Risk is a part of investing. This simple quiz will help you discover your risk tolerance –(or confirm what you already know) and guide you towards the right type of investment strategy for your current comfort level. Later, when you have become a “seasoned” investor, your risk tolerance may change.

This quiz was developed by two university personal finance professors, Dr. Ruth Lytton at Virginia Tech and Dr. John Grable at Kansas State University. Thank you, professors!

Financial Analysis

As discussed in Chapter 10 – Learn It! A Penny Saved Is…What?!, and Appendix A, this simple financial analysis will show you exactly where your money is going— an important first step if you hope to reduce your debt and/or begin investing. It is good to revisit this worksheet and update it every couple of months so you can see if you are progressing towards your goals.

Budget Spreadsheet

As discussed in Chapter 4 – Get Organized! Budget Time for Budgeting, budgeting is an important part of growing up.

After you download this spreadsheet, fill it out and review your budget, adjust your spending habits and stay on track towards your goals.

Focused One-Year Financial Plan

Your financial analysis will give you an outline of where you are and a budget will define what you have to work with. As mentioned in Appendix B, this one-year financial plan will give you an organized, written strategy for achieving your financial goals – whether you want to pay down debt, save for a vacation, or start investing.

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