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SImply Invest!Build Financial Security One Month at a Time – Simply Invest!

Have you ever wondered how rich people get their money and keep it growing? Financial security is not just for the rich – everyone has to start somewhere. If you have $25 or more a month to invest you can be an investor – you can do what the rich do and make your money work for you! I created this 30-minute webinar to simply teach people how to start investing with a small amount of money. It’s how I started, and what I still do.

This webinar is based on a couple of chapters in Growing Up for Grown-Ups – A Dozen Ways for a More Financially-Stable You! titled, A Penny is What?! and Build It! Security.



Budget Webinar Logo 225 for widgetControl Your Cash – Simply Budget!

Watch this 30 minute webinar and learn how to create a simple budget.  This webinar is based on one of the chapters in Growing Up for Grown-Ups – A Dozen Ways for a More Financially-Stable You! titled, “Get Organized! Budget Time for Budgeting.”

After you watch it, please feel free to download the Budget Spreadsheet offered on the Bonus Materials page and leave a comment or testimonial.

Wishing you great financial health!

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