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Just finished reading Growing Up for Grown-Ups by our friend Mimi Rossi. This is not your everyday boring step by step how to book, it is well written and very inspirational. She provides sound advice not only from research but from her own personal experiences in way that is easy to understand. Some are better off financially than others but i believe no matter where you are financially, there is always obstacles to overcome in today’s society if we want to build or maintain financial security for ourselves and our kids future and this books helps to avoid those obstacles. Thanks Mimi for writing this book, I believe it will help a lot of people including myself.

Austin, TX

At Mimi Rossi’s book launch party, our then 7-month-old baby girl got her first finance book–Growing Up for Grown Ups. As a newly-established family, my husband and I had never talked about our financial well-being until after we read the book, which we are glad we did. After a month of keeping track of our income and expenses, we now have a budget for the future. With the tips of reducing expenses in Mimi’s book, we are already taking steps to avoid unnecessary expenses which we had neglected before, such as monthly bank payments, overpaid internet service, etc. We also started looking into investment options as mentioned in the book and started investing for our future. As grownups, especially grownups with kids, we can’t afford not to grow up financially. Their future is in our hands. We also plan on teaching our baby girl this subject when she grows up. We highly recommend this book to anyone who’s seeking financial peace and willing to do what it takes to grow up financially.

New Mom, Los Angeles

Growing Up for Grown-ups encouraged me to review my retirement financial strategy.  Whether you need a guideline to help balance your finances, you’re just getting started as an investor, or (like me) close to retirement, I highly recommend you check out Growing Up for Grown-ups.  Sound, basic and proven financial principles are laid out in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.

Licensed Real Estate Agent, Los Angeles

In this modern economy with far less retirement protection in place, it’s not only creeping out of debt about which we have to worry, but also about building a solid financial future. Growing Up for Grownups covers every angle, navigating the landscape of our new economy with a practical, doable approach. The author provides candid, grounded advice written in a comfortable style, and peppered with real-life anecdotes, that make the material easy to absorb and apply. The reader isn’t lectured, but rather guided about how to achieve the joyful release of bad financial habits and embark upon the journey to financial stability. Her personal experiences assure the reader that being in a bad financial situation isn’t because of stupidity, but rather lack of the proper knowledge and tools. Growing Up for Grownups provides those tools. As the author notes, when you find yourself in a better financial position, you will also find yourself in less stressful relationships and you will have a better outlook on life. So be prepared for fiscal clarity and be prepared to change your life. Growing Up for Grown Ups is a must-read for anyone who wants to wash their money troubles away and live a happier life.

Attorney, New York

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